Friday, December 31, 2010


yes! once again i do fall for you...
but, my only regret is i couldn't give you enough reason to stay.
 i was so really tired to keep pretending like i doesn't love you.
 but the truth is i really do. yes, i do love you. 
awak, from now on dont keep promise me anything. sebab..
awak xmampu pon nak penuhi semua janji2 itu.

"don't try keep promise anyone if you can't make it.
coz its better to say goodbye and make them cry then 
to make them believe with all those stupid lies".

sumpah. saya teramat penat menunggu.
it's hard to wait for something you know will never happen. 
but it's harder to stop when you know its everything you ever wanted! 
yess! you're the only one that i ever wanted.
yeahh, i know letting go is hard. but sometimes holding on is harder. "heavily sigh" 

i hate that i have to think of ways
just to run into you.
i hate the blurry line between you and me.
my mind is telling me to go,
but my heart is telling me to stay.
maybe i have to go my dear,
its the only way...

dying juliet,

Thank you for reading this entry :)) iloveyousomuch ♥ =)


epy said...

wahh sape tu? hehe

indah fatihah said...

rahsia la! haha

miss fatihah said...

hek lek je.. smua akn indah bila awk dh jumpa the right person :)

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